Carmen Bardequez-Brown, poetryGalen Garwood, art, painting

“Carmen Bardeguez-Brown’s Meditation on Love, Dancing, Loss, and Forgiveness is a dance of memory and desire.  It is a seamless combination of poetry and prose, English and Spanish, and the geographic roots of Ms. Bardeguez-Brown’s life – Puerto Rico and New York City – which beautifully convey her inner journey, at times imagistic, at time expository, always blended into a powerful, natural balance. The work consists of some pieces solely in English, some solely in Spanish, and some a combination of the two, which creates palpable dance beats, rhythms, concentration, and sensuality. The juxtaposition of prose and poetry, such as in “Dance Conversations II” and “Conversation Between the Leader and the Follower” enhance the effects. Even if your Spanish is not good enough, like mine, to get the nuances of the Spanish pieces, the rhythms and emotions are easily discernible. No matter how winding the subject matter is, the ultimate feeling is of simplicity and acceptance.” 


–Don Linder, award-winning script and fiction writer

“All of us have to deal with a great loss at some point in our lives and Carmen’s book has something for practically everyone. It is a book written by heart, pure, full of inner beauty. By facing death of a beloved person, you can see the miracle of life. ‘’The universe is expanding, death is the beginning of life…’’  she states. It can be also a text complementary to thanatology, the facilitating process for people who struggle with grief and loss. Yes, this is the art of living, to be aware and playful with the only fact, that one day all of us have to leave our bodies and change frequency.” Facing this fact with courage, we learn to live wholeheartedly. 

                                                                             Niko Trian, Ph.D., Ac, N.C., M.Th., P.T., author of the book ‘’Spiritual healing: Tao, Yin Yang, Wu Wei’’