Previous Praise for Peter Weltner’s Writing

“Read it for the power and sanity of a poet in his
ripeness: there is much richness here.”
Maxine Chernoff

“Weltner’s agile, passionate ear guides and clarifies
imagination, as the poems’ emotional truths dance to
an intricate, organic music, delicate, tidal.”
William O’Daly

“These poems look directly at the world. They don’t
flinch in the face of loss and death. They strive for
a transcendence where ‘All’s light. All’s water. All’s
paradise shimmering.’”
Joseph Stroud

“These poems enact a powerful unbecoming of time,
momentarily halting its flow so that the silent preciousness
of the past becomes audible.”
Jason Wirth

“Finds love and passion in the sea, hunger in dust….I
feel breathless and sad that the world I live in doesn’t
care or is avoiding the size, scale, bounty, moral rigor,
and passion of our lives that can be found here.”
Linda Gregg

“Weltner confronts the reality of a zone poised beyond
the limit of death conveniently drawn by us.”
Kathleen Fraser