Penelope opens this superb collection, but Weltner’s Penelope, unlike the wily Homeric spouse, stands as a figure for weaving and unweaving as a rich poetic labor: shuttling among persons and myths, age and youth, culture and nature, logos and eros. Many poems, haiku-like, begin in a landscape that branches quickly into primal terrain, textual and sensual, where the past weaves its spell into a present always on the cusp of slipping away. Weltner is a bold poet of old age who, like Yeats and William Carlos Williams, gives no quarter to nostalgia.

David Morris,
author or Eros and Illness

Masterful! In You Wait For Me Where Mountain Peaks Are White As Your Hair, Peter Weltner reveals all epochs and eras as contemporaneous, as living in the pebble and the seed; in the discoveries, the joys, and the pains of sexual awakening; in love lost and found where least expected; in the shadows of cultural taboos and in exile from the self. The poems map the enduring struggle to reclaim what is ours and let go, to integrate what’s passed down, what’s unknown, and what’s given. Weltner’s agile, passionate ear guides and clarifies imagination, as the poems’ emotional truths dance to an intricate, organic music, delicate, tidal. Between these misty mountains and Thargelion, our listening becomes a means of engaging mythic realities, grasping the “shining impossible,” and experiencing the warp and the woof of the wilderness within us.

William O’Daly,
Translator of Pablo Neruda’s Book of Twilight and author of Yarrow and Smoke


How The Body Prays    Graywold Press 1988

The Risk Of His Music    Graywolf Press 1997

The One-Winged Body    Marrowstone Press  2011

Where Everything Is Water As Far As He Can See    Marrowstone Press   2012

The Outerlands   BrickHouse Books  2012

To The Final Cinder   BrickHouse Books   2013

Water’s Eye     Marrowstone Press  2015

Late Summer Storm In Early Winter    Marrowstone Press  2015

Stone Altars    BrickHouse Books  2015

The Return Of What’s Been Lost     Marrowstone Press  2017

The Light Of The Sun Become Sea    BrickHouse Books  2017

Unbecoming Time    Marrowstone Press  2017


You Wait For Me Where Mountain Peaks Are White As Your Hair


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