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May 2019

Marrowstone Press, Spring 2019


publications / MARROWSTONE PRESS AVAILABLE IN MAY 2019 from MARROWSTONE PRESS a new and remarkable book by PETER WELTNER ANTIQUARY, poems and stories A mid-16th century coinage, 'antiquary' derives from Latin 'ante, ' 'before, and 'antiquus, ' 'former' or 'ancient.' An antiquary, however, not only admires or studies [...]

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April 2018

Joanna MacLean now at ASIA BOOKS


GOOD NEWS! JOANNA MACLEAN at ASIA BOOKS Joanna MacLean's enchanting book, Two Eggs and a Lemon, Marrowstone Press, 2016 and her most recent 2017 publication, PORTRAITS OF MYANMAR Both now available through ASIA BOOKS the largest English language bookseller in Thailand. "...a rare travelogue that combines intimate portraits of people, local color, historical [...]

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January 2017

Marrowstone Press, Winter 2017


     LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD     Beginning  in 2005,  Marrowstone Press, in collaboration with Process Media, published its first project: MORRIS GRAVES, His Houses, His Gardens, by Richard Svare in 2013.   Morris Graves at Woodtown Manor, ca 1958-59, Richard Svare “The extraordinary gardens that Morris Graves created at his private residences throughout [...]

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