JOANNA MACLEAN and GALEN GARWOOD Interview, March, 2017

Joanna MacLean and I first met in Chiangmai, Thailand over a decade ago at La Luna Gallery, one that she’d co-founded and co-directed. Before arriving in Chiangmai, she’d worked with the International Red Cross in Myanmar for four years. Her recently published book, Two Eggs and a Lemon, is a delightfully informative memoir of her experiences in that exotic, and for so long, inaccessible country. While the La Luna gallery has disappeared from the city, Joanna remains a vital presence, working with a number of foundations, documenting cultures throughout the world and she is about ready to release a new book of photographs featuring the people of Myanmar and their extraordinary culture.

I wanted to know more, so we recently sat down for a chat:

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#1  Peter Weltner and Galen Garwood / a Conversation, October 2015

Peter Weltner and I first met in the early 1980s in San Francisco well before the dawn of the internet, drawn together by mutual friends and love of visual art and poetry.  We communicated for a while but then distance and projects separated us. Two decades later, in the age of Google, Peter located me through my web site and our friendship resumed, blossoming into a series of collaborative projects beginning…(read more.)

#2  Lois P. Jones and William O’Daly / an Interview, October , 2015

My friend Bill (Willliam O’Daly) and I met back in the early 1980s in Port Townsend, Washington through our mutual friend Sam Hamill; both men had been responsible for helping bring poetry into the world through the founding of Copper Canyon Press, their respective poetry, essays, and translations, and their commitment to their art. I recently had the honor of contributing images to Bill’s new and marvelous book of poetry, The Road To Isla Negra, published by Folded Word as well as being able to reprint this recent interview with Lois P. Lane. (read the Interview.)

#3  James Broughton and Jack Foley, from A James Broughton Reader by Jack Foley, White Crane Book, 2013

Celebrating this month the birthday of poet and filmmaker, James Broughton, (1913 – 1999) I’m honored to be able to re-print an interview from  A James Broughton Reader by Jack Foley.

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Periodically I’ll be featuring interviews and essays, either re-published with permission or new conversations/interviews with artists of either images and words or both. I’m delighted to include a recent conversation with poet Peter Weltner, who also just published Stone Altars, Brick House Books, 2015. Additionally, a reprinted interview with poet and Pablo Neruda Translator, William O’Daly, who recently published  his own poems in The Road to Isla Negra, Folded Word.  Next month, in honor of his birth month, I’ll be re-printing a wonderful interview between James Broughton (1913-1999) and Jack Foley excerpted from A James Broughton Reader, edited by Jack Foley, White Crane Books, 2007.

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